Unfortunately, black streaks aren’t exactly a novelty. They’re a well-established presence in Alexandria properties – and we can thank our temperate Virginia climate. 

With some knowledge around what those black streaks are (hint: it isn’t dirt!) you can take action for a cleaner roof – and a more sound property investment.

What causes black streaks?

The scientific name: Glosocapsa Magma. In a nutshell, this cyanobacteria thrives in moist, shaded places, which makes your roof a perfect candidate.

Why are black streaks bad for my roof?

Gloeocapsa Magma doesn’t just sit of your roof – it eats it. The bacteria feeds on the granules in your shingles. As it feeds, it depletes the durability of your roof. This results in issues like poor heat deflection, compromised shingle quality, and a deep hit to curb appeal.

How can I fix it?

Easy – we can! Our soft washing specialists deliver a professional roof cleaning solution that strips away the black streaks, prevents future growth, and protects the quality and curb appeal of your roofing.