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Why Hire a Construction Cleanup Service?

To a hardworking team of contractors, it might seem unnecessary to hire a pressure cleaning service. Why not just rent pressure washing equipment, buy some chemical cleaners and do it yourself? In untrained hands, a power washer can become a weapon that destroys a building instead of a tool to restore it. Using too much power can cause several years worth of damage to many of the more delicate surfaces of a home or commercial business. That could ruin your hard work and cause some expensive repairs. And without experience using these tools, you could be risking your safety! 

The solution? Call Smart Wash of Alexandria, VA! We have the tools, training, and experience to get the job done right.

Importance of Construction Site Cleanup

Happy Customers

Are you a general contractor? Then you know how important post-construction cleanup is. Even when your crew does a beautiful job on a building or remodel project, leaving behind dirt, grime, and leftover material upsets the customer. And unhappy customers won’t call you for future projects or recommend you to their friends. Even worse, they may leave a negative review about your company online, turning away even more potential clients. What can you do to ensure that never happens? Hire the Smart Wash team for construction clean up services in Alexandria!

Boosts Curb Appeal

You want your new building, addition, or remodeled space to look… well, new! Leaving the dirt, grime, and layers of dust clinging to the surface, ages your property. The Smart Wash team can clean and reinvigorate every surface of your building, driveway, and walkways!

Protects Your Health

If you’ve just built a home or commercial building, you may want to clean up the site yourself to save some money. But there might be hazardous materials or leftover debris that could cause injury or even make you sick! Why not call a professional team like Smart Wash to handle the aftermath of your project? That way, you get to walk into a clean building without any added hassle or stress.

Safe Construction Power Washing

Cleaning up your property after a project is a much bigger job than the regular maintenance most people are used to doing for themselves. For example, you don’t want to sweep up silica dust. Breathing it in can cause silicosis which can damage the lungs, make you sick, and it can even be fatal! And the layers of other types of dust can cause allergies or skin irritation. 

Not to mention, the dust can clog up your vacuum and ruin the machine for good. But Smart Wash has the right tools for the job and the know-how to do it safely. We’re here for you!

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