Pressure washing should be one of the simplest ways to achieve code compliance. And with expertise from the right experts, you can keep your property – and everyone who visits it – safe and happy.

Slip and Fall Prevention

Every year, scores of people check in to the emergency room because of slip and fall accidents – it’s the leading cause of ER visits. The numbers aren’t pretty:

  • Same-level falls are the second most frequent cause of workplace injuries
  • More than 1 million people check into the ER because of slip and fall accidents

But it’s also largely preventable. Pressure washing will remove the slick buildup that contributes to these slip and fall accidents.

It will also ensure that your property remains compliant with OSHA standards. Two birds, one stone.

Smart Wash is proud to partner with businesses who want to keep their property safe and accessible. The best part: your only job is to book an appointment. We’ll do the rest!